Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cup of Bead Soup with Sue Beads -- earrings

Sue has been so gracious in dealing with my looming deadlines and incapacitations and I kept her through November as the Cup of Bead Soup artisan.  For now, I'm going to show you just one pair of earrings I made with her enameled filigree disks she sent me, and save the rest for a later feature.  I'm so sorry -- it's not normally me to be late but if you saw my to-do list, you'd understand.

Sue is also going to be in the Virtual Craft Show, so you don't want to miss commenting during that time because her giveaway is awesome!

These earrings were a case of serendipity.  I was working on a piece for my book and there happened to be some wood rings sent to me by a contributor.  As so often happens, my desk overflows and those rings settled next to the filigree, and these Bohemian-style earrings were born...

Ear wires by Vintaj
Antiqued brass jump rings by Tierracast
Enameled filigree by 

Please visit her at


  1. Lovely in their simplicity. Funny how some things just "happen" and are harmonious. Happy beading...

  2. Oh heck Lori, those gorgeous filigrees of hers are just showing up everywhere! She made some lovely earrings with them as well, and Courtney Breul just made a great bracelet with it! Sue rocks!!

  3. Oh Lori, I love these, especially the colors and the beautiful enameled filigree. Sorry I have not been by for awhile. I have been working like crazy in prep for a big Artist's Boutique this weekend. I have a question about the Bead Swap- I have a partner but no way to contact her and she has not contacted me. Did I miss something?


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