Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cup of Bead Soup -- Fleur de Lis necklace, and a vintage book

Today I'm showing you a necklace I made with some of Miss Molly's Designs enameled beads.  I chose the red and blue beads with the fleur de lis pendant because another friend's gift in the mail reminded me of a piece of random metal I had from Metalliferous.  I had originally thought of using a vintage key, but I this bit of bronze made me think of old 1700's gates leading into elegant gardens.

So, here we go!

I wanted to use an asymmetric pattern but not go too wild, as my mind has been dwelling on a historical fiction book I'm reading, "Now Face to Face".   There are so many intrigues and assignations behind elegant closed doors and decorative garden gates, and while the jewelry of that time period is glittery and glamorous, I didn't make this necklace with jewelry in mind, but architecture.

I had a large vintage bead that worked well with the enameled beads, and the oxidized copper chain blended well, I thought, with the mix of metals (I put a tiny bit of brass on the vintage bead, see?).

Overall, I'm pleased with how this turned out.  And a note on the book the necklace is photographed on -- in keeping with the vintage theme, I used a recent acquisition "Young America" by Aldine Book & Publishing Co.  In my search to learn more, I found out that this book, which I paid $15 for, was published in 1887 and is available through three sellers here from $350-$400.  Woah.  

But I couldn't possibly sell this book.  I believe in rescuing history, and holding this treasure in my hands, and opening it on the rare occasion (the pages are SO fragile, I have to be so very careful), brings me joy.


Advertisements on the inside covers, and several pages in the back, almost like this was a bit of a hardcover magazine.  I have to research this more.

And a sample of the inside -- lots of stories and illustrations, and I've even found some scraps of paper inside with notes from whomever used to own this about their favorite passages and their own bits of poetry.

I hope you've enjoyed this Cup of Bead Soup!  
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  1. Oh yes, a garden gate it is. I love the bright fleur de lis hanging from it. Wonderful design Lori!

  2. Great piece. The enamel pendant is stunning and your use of it is so pretty and clever

  3. That is one fantastic necklace!
    Have a wonderful time at the Bead and Button too!

  4. Love with did with the elements here. The fleur-de-lis is one of my most favorite symbols.

  5. Stunning necklace Lori! I love what you did with the fleur-de-lis, sweet!


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